Sunday, July 1, 2012

All moved in, and my first DIY

After a crazy weekend of moving to my new apartment, I'm pretty much settled in now!  The weather was interesting, but I'm so glad it cooperated with the move!  This is what the sky looked like on Friday:

Needless to say, I packed my car up pretty quickly!  Thank goodness the rain only lasted the duration of the drive, and stopped by the time we were unloading!  And then Saturday was clear, but the crazy storms on Friday night definitely did some damage around my new apartment building - huge branches down all around, and even tore off a section of the roof of the building next to mine!  Yikes!  

So here I sit, in my new home.  Libby kitty is alternately running around and hiding, trying to figure what on earth is going on.  But she'll get used to it soon enough!

ANYWAY, time to show you my first DIY project!  I had some help with my grandma for this one. :)

For my classroom this fall, I want to try to stay closer to a theme that only uses a few colors.  I have a small cart with three plastic drawers of various colors that I like based on its functionality, but was not excited that each drawer was a different color: 

I know the lighting quality is poor in this picture (it was taken outside at dusk) but one drawer is pink, one is blue, and one is purple.  I decided that I wanted all of them to be the same color, and wanted them to be black.  So I went to the hardware store in search of this spray paint that I'd heard of specifically for plastic, and picked up a bottle, color black.  And here is the finished result, after it has dried and the drawers are back in the cart: 

So much better!! :)  And even had enough spray paint left to do two small flower pots and a candy dish (or whatever it is - both were violent shades of orange, of which I was not a fan!)

So hooray for spray paint made specifically for plastic! You are a hero in my eyes. :)  And hooray for being all moved in!  Now hopefully I can start posting some of the teacher-y projects that I'm working on this summer!

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  1. I have one of those orange bowls on my counter. ;) Good to know the paint works!