Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Currently...halfway through October

I'm way behind the ball this month.  Actually I've been hiding from my blog for a while.  But first, I'll link up to Farley's October CURRENTLY.

Listening:  I've been suspicious of my fridge for a while.  I have it on the lowest cold setting right now, but I'm still not convinced that it is functioning properly.  Help!  Someone with fridge experience, advise me what to do or what to look for to know if it's working or if I need to tell landlord to replace it!

Loving:  Yay fall, my favorite season! :)

Thinking: Part of the reason I've kind of been avoiding my blog, and all teaching blogs lately.  I still feel like I'm so under water and drowning in everything that I have to know and do.  It's not just because I've switched schools - I've done that every year.  It's not just because I've switched grades - I've done that almost every year.  It's something more than that.  I'm just... tired.  I always feel like I'm never getting anything done, and I feel like I can never catch up.  Teaching just isn't FUN anymore.  It just feels like a lot of drudge work.  And I know I'm not alone in feeling this.  When I finally decided to look at teacher blogs again, one of the first posts I was greeted with was Farley's post echoing my own sentiments.  I don't know.  I feel so conflicted about everything. And...just lost.  Siiiiiigh.

Wanting: A break.  That's all.

Needing: same same.

Book: "The First Forest" - I'm not up on all my cutesy Halloween books, but this one does talk about the changing of the seasons in a pretty creative way, so we'll go with that.