Saturday, August 4, 2012

August currently.... and a NEW feature (SIOP Saturdays!)

Thunderstorms are just starting here... I've got my bucket and towels in place (because no, bloggers, repair man has not returned to fix my ceiling yet) but so far so good and no leaks yet! (Knock on wood!)

Here's my August currently:

Also, bloggy friends, I want to introduce a new feature to my blog: SIOP Saturdays!

Background: I just completed a 3-day training in my school district about using the SIOP model for instruction.  I also took a class about it a few years ago as part of my path toward my bilingual and ESL endorsements.  I think it is such a fantastic method for teachers to use, not only for ELL students, but for ANY students!  So I decided that once a week, on Saturdays (because then my teaching week will be over, and also because SIOP and Saturday both start with S, so it makes sense!) I will highlight a feature of the SIOP model, and list a few examples of strategies that teachers can implement in their classrooms to address each feature!

Disclaimer: Let it be known, these are all MY opinions.  I am neither being told to, nor receiving any form of compensation for, explaining SIOP.  The book Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model is written by Jana Echevarria, MaryEllen Vogt, and Deborah J. Short, and copyright by Pearson Education, Inc.  Hopefully that's everything I need to include to make sure proper credit is presented where it is due. :)

Today's Feature: Overview of SIOP

I'm many teachers who are not Bilingual/ESL teachers already know what SIOP stands for, or use any of the features in their classrooms?  I know I had never heard of it before I began pursuing my bilingual/ESL endorsements.

SIOP stands for Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol.  What is it?  It is an empirically validated model of sheltered instruction.  (Those of you unfamiliar with sheltered instruction, that term means that the teacher adapts instruction in order to make the material more easily learned.  The same typical curricular standards are being addressed, but the manner of addressing them may vary based on student language skills).  In simple words, SIOP provides a framework for teachers to use in lesson planning and delivery in order to be more mindful about WHAT they are teaching and HOW the students will learn the material and practice language skills.

There are 30 specific features of the SIOP model, and these features are grouped into 8 main components:

Lesson Preparation
Building Background
Comprehensible Input
Lesson Delivery

My goal for this series is to address one of these components each Saturday, highlight the features that are specific to each component, and show some examples of strategies (when applicable) that can be integrated into classroom instruction to promote student engagement and student success.  I hope you will join me through this series!  Next week I'll start with Lesson Preparation! :)

(Also, through the typing of this post, the rain came and went, and brought old leaks and new.  Ceiling leaked again (but this time just through the hole he made, so I guess that was a good call on his part!) and also the frame above my patio door.  Sad face again.)


  1. I am excited about your SIOP series - I had never heard of it, just SDAIE. I teach in a district that has about 80% ESL - primarily Hispanic.

    Mrs. Slocum
    Teacher's Don't Steal, They Share!

  2. You don't have a Target nearby?! I'll sign a petition if you start one ;) Also, I hope your ceiling gets fixed asap!
    Bee Teaches

    1. No, I DO have a Target nearby! :) I would be so lost if I didn't!

  3. Hey Stephanie,
    I am stopping by to check out your currently post. Goodness, I hope you didn't have too much trouble in the way of leaks. That just stinks.
    A personal laminator----yep, I could add that to my list too!!! (I think I already did!!)
    Just followed your blog--i'm glad for the currently rule of 3, b/c I've found quite a few blogs I didn't know about yet. Super cute. Good luck in your new school and grade. I hope you enjoy it.

    Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections

  4. We did SIOP in my old district, so I am excited to see what you share!

  5. Our whole district is now SIOP trained. I am excited to see what you post here!! I always need reminders for good tips, strategies, and ideas. :)

  6. Hi there! I'm a little late in responding to this, but I LOVE your idea of SIOP Saturdays. I went through a three day training in the fall of 2010 (do you also live in Texas??) and it completely changed me as an educator! I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a training for my current staff and I'm using your wonderful blog as a resource for all of us! Thanks for doing all the hard work and being willing to share!!